Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

So today is the Canadian thanksgiving and my first holiday away from my family. Thanksgiving is my favourite holiday because all the family is there, food is great (I fricken love turkey), there's no hassle of buying gifts, and no religious pretense.
Technology really does make it easier to span the distance between people as I used Skype to call my brother's house at midnight (6pm their time) and got to video chat with my entire family as they were enjoying some after dinner drinks and dessert. My niece tortured me with a piece of chocolate fudge mousse cake, the brat. They also bragged about the weather considering it was mid-20s and sunny there and about 8 degrees and rainy here.
My mom is super sweet and arranged for a fruit basket to be delivered to me here because I was missing the holiday. I unfortunately missed the delivery on Friday (I ignore the buzzer unless I know why it's ringing) and it should be delivered tomorrow afternoon. I'm quite excited for fruit as I realized yesterday it's been a while since I had any. (tsk tsk, I know) I was also very happy to receive a package from home my mom sent about 7 weeks ago that had a cozy blanket and some winter supplies along with copious amounts of oatmeal, some toiletries, and a couple boxes of the quintessential student food Kraft Dinner.
When it stops raining I'm going to try and see what autumn has done to Oslo, I noticed lots of fallen leaves earlier in the week and I'm sure it looks as lovely here as it does in Canada. Since I don't have any of my own pictures, here's a stolen pic of a Canadian autumn from my friend Amy.

photo cred Amy V

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