Monday, September 19, 2011

Ugh. Crappy Day.

tl;dr: Kinda crappy day.
Today was a series of annoying events. I barely slept and had bad nightmares the little bit that I was asleep. The worst part of the dream was one of my family members wearing a metal cilice. Cilices are metal chains with inward facing spikes that are worn by some penitents to symbolize a union with the suffering of Christ. Mixed with the general weirdness of the dreams I was just really uncomfortable.
I had to get up earlier anyways because I had to shower before the water was shut off at 9 for construction work. Because I was cold and it was raining outside I tried to dry my hair and ended up blowing the fuse in my room despite using an adapter, so I now know my blowdryer is useless. Apart from the lack of sleep, blown fuse and a mild headache I was still is a good enough mood. I caught the T-Bane with perfect timing and I felt prepared for class as I had done all the readings. Sometimes doing the readings is a bad thing when pretty much nothing in the lecture is new information so I ended up reading a book for the majority of the class in order to stay awake. Considering I had forgotten all writing utensils it was probably good that there was nothing new to write down. I had been pretty stationary all weekend and the rain was clearing up so I decided to walk from the T-bane stop instead of taking the bus. Even getting the fuse fixed was painless; just a quick message to the caretaker and they dealt with it within half an hour. Lunch went fine, watched some Dog Whisperer, and then I read a bit until it was time for dinner.
I was quite excited to eat the frozen pizza I bought on Saturday so imagine my surprise when I couldn't find it in the freezer. Someone stole my fucking pizza. So after being pissed off and resisting the urge to leave an angry note I decide to make something else for dinner and get over it. So I make my food and head back to my room to find... a locked door. My neighbour had left while I was in the kitchen and locked the door to our two rooms behind her. We typically pay attention to whether the other had left the door open and she had seen me in the kitchen but I guess it was just habit to lock it behind her. I went through the trauma of eating my dinner without salt and dragged a chair into the hallway to wait. I had no idea how long she would be gone but I figured it wouldn't be for too long. I know there's a number to call to get someone to let you in but they charge a fee outside business hours and I also don't have a phone.
The Muslim neighbour that I mentioned in a previous post came out into the hallway at one point and I made a comment that I was locked out. He was actually really nice, he offered to let me use his phone to call someone and asked if I needed anything. So maybe his problem isn't as bad as it seemed, we'll see.
My neighbour returned about an hour and fifteen minutes later to find me waiting in the hallway. She felt SO bad when she realized what she did and she said the previous person who lived in my room had done it to her once too.
So nothing really terrible happened but it was just a generic crappy day that has been accompanied by an unending headache. I think I know the cause of my headaches the past couple days but I'm really hoping it's not it.
Tomorrow will start a new adventure considering my neighbour's father is coming to visit her from Ethiopia and is staying with her for a couple weeks. I personally could never share a room with my father (or anybody really) for that long. I have no idea what he's going to do all day while she's at school or whatever.

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