Monday, October 24, 2011

Never Let Me Go- Kazuo Ishiguro

Never Let Me Go is a dystopian type novel located in the English countryside. The story is told by Kathy who is looking back on her life and friendships. This book has a lot in it about memory, how we perceive events as children and have to reevaluate looking back. It's hard to really say anything about this book without including spoilers so I'll just generally say that this book is very frustrating. You wish like you can speak to the characters and shake them or something but you can't. This book isn't horrifying in the horror movie sense but in the implications of the social reality in the novel and in the legitimate criticisms of modern real society that are the inspirations behind them. I didn't enjoy this novel as much as many other classic dystopias but it did what a dystopia is meant to do- make you think. 4/5 rating.
The reason I read the book was because of the movie trailer so shortly after finishing the book I decided to watch the film. The book is of course better, the movie misses a lot of the subtlety. There's less about the attitudes of the regular people, there's a couple hints at it but nothing that really gets the point across and a couple instances where they included scenes from the book but didn't include the stuff leading up to that event or its consequences so it's more difficult to discern its significance.
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