Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fire Alarms and student living

Currently listening to the delightful ringing of the fire alarm. This is at least the third time in 24 hours that the alarm has gone off. I bet the fire department absolutely hates these student residences. I know the super sensitive alarms are supposed to keep us safe in the event of a real fire alarm but I think it does the opposite. It's very 'boy who cried wolf'. The grand majority of people ignore them knowing that someone just burnt something and set the alarm off. If you do go outside you can tell it's only a very small portion of the hundreds that live in the building. So if there was a real fire most people wouldn't even bother leaving their rooms which increases the likelihood of casualties. I propose much much less sensitive smoke detectors.

Couple other fun things of student living:
Hearing people have sex through the wall. It doesn't bother me since I've heard enough of it through the walls of my old home in Waterloo but it's much less fun because I can't really tease these people about it since I don't know them well enough.

Cleaning of common areas.
This is always always a big issue when you live with a bunch of people. People's levels of cleanliness don't align or perhaps they've simply never had to clean up after themselves and they don't realize how big of a slob they really are. Usually in any grouping there will be one person who takes it upon themselves to write lovely little passive- aggressive notes and leave them about the kitchen. In most housing situations I consider this note writing cowardly and annoying and would rather people actually personally address the person that is causing the problem instead of leaving notes alluding to it. But, in this living space I think it is somewhat understandable because we don't really know everyone.
Just perhaps not to this level:

It's her week to clean the kitchen which is probably the reason for the flurry of notes. Of course the same time I took these pictures there was a pile of three garbage bags waiting to be taken out so while she apparently had time to write and post all these she didn't have time for a 2 minute elevator ride.

Oh Student life. I really cannot wait until I can afford to have my own apartment.


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  4. Student fire alarms are probably the worst possible ones to experience in the world. When I was living at university, it went off literally once every week, waking me up at an untimely 5am and so on. I think it's just their way of annoying the students and stopping them from smoking even though they're old enough to make their own descisions.