Monday, March 21, 2011

101 Things in 1001 days

So I did one of these lists a couple years ago and I was actually able to accomplish a lot of the goals in the time. The project is from
1001 days is approx 2.75 years so it's a more realistic goal than a one year list or a general bucket list.
Coming up with 101 things is actually pretty hard but here's mine to be completed before December 15th 2013:
  1. Finish Undergrad degree Walking across the stage June 8
  2. Get Master's degree
  3. Get PhD
  4. Get published
  5. Get a job in the medieval field (in a university, library, archive, museum etc)
  6. Pay off student loans
  7. Make at least one person realize the relevance and value of metal in academia
  8. Apply to all my top grad schools Applied and was accepted to.

  1. Become more muscle than fat- fuck the scales
  2. Work out regularly= 4+ times a week, every week
  3. Start running.
  4. Swim once a week
  5. Increase flexibility
  6. Do yoga regularly again

  1. Travel to at least 5 new countries (1/5 Denmark)
  2. Travel to 10 new countries
  3. Travel to 20 new countries
  4. Teach English overseas
  5. See the Northern Lights
  6. Do a castle tour of England
  7. Castle tour of Ireland
  8. Go dogsledding
  9. Bungee jump
  10. Skydive
  11. Try couchsurfing
  12. Hitchhike
  13. Write a fantasy novel (with Vikings)
  14. Get that book published
  15. Read 50 books every year
  16. Read 10 books set in Scandinavia (1/10)
  17. Read a book by someone I disagree with (the following two don't count)
  18. Read the entire Bible
  19. Read the Qur'an and the Hadith
  20. Write up critiques of the three
  21. Become fluent in Norwegian
  22. Learn Old Norse - in progress
  23. Read the Eddas in original- Never going to happen.
  24. Go to Svalbard
  25. Swim in a fjord
  26. Learn Finnish
  27. Live in Finland
  28. Learn how to properly sword fight
  29. Complete my chainmail hauberk
  30. Get my Viking ship tattoo
  31. Live 'off the grid'
  32. Get a vertical labret piercing
  33. Go on a cruise- kinda, I've been on two single night cruises.
  34. Try 10 new beers (10/10: Kozel, Faxe Premium, DAB Original, Victory Pils, plus several ales and meads at Kalamazoo)
  35. Learn to really like wine
  36. Drink mead  Completed May 15, 2011 at Kalamazoo
  37. Bake a homemade apple pie
  38. Get my driver's license
  39. Get my motorcycle license
  40. Ride on a motorcycle
  41. Eat reindeer
  42. Get over my fear of new foods
  43. Go to a Viking festival
  44. Learn how to properly scream (as in metal screaming)
  45. Attend Wacken Open Air
  46. Attend 20 000 tons of metal
  47. Attend a metal festival I think I'm going to combine 61-62 by saying I went to a Black metal festival. Hole in the Sky 2011.
  48. Go to a black metal show
  49. Touch a rare manuscript (with gloves on of course)
  50. Pet a wolf
  51. Don’t speak a single word all day
  52. Meet Mathias Nygard and nerd out with him
  53. See Turisas live
  54. See Satyricon live Hole in the Sky 2011
  55. See Marilyn Manson live
  56. Learn how to do tablet weaving
  57. Make an authentic Viking woman outfit
  58. Not go online for a whole week
  59. Go kayaking
  60. Camp 5 times
  61. Go winter camping
  62. Buy a proper backpacking backpack complete August 9th 2011.
  63. Hike up a taller mountain than Mount Bitihorn (1607 metres)
  64. Go to 20 concerts (9/20)
  65. Drink only water for a week
  66. Get a Kindle July 18th 2011, Mom got me one for my birthday
  67. Do something different with my hair
  68. Watch 20 new movies- I haven't been keeping track but I've must have seen 20 movies by now.
  69. Watch all LOTR movies in one day (preferably with wolfpack)
  70. Try snowboarding again
  71. Make Irish soda bread (Feb 2012)
  72. Volunteer for a secular organization
  73. No Coke for a month
  74. Whiten teeth
  75. Buy new pants
  76. Donate to a rat rescue
  77. If not in a position to own another rat then foster one
  78. Watch every episode of Dr. Who
  79. Eliminate 'like' from vocabulary
  80. Cook someone else a meal
  81. Avoid getting a defibrillator for as long as possible
  82. Have a real relationship (hah!)
  83. Private
  84. Private
  85. Private
  86. Get someone else to do a 101 things in 1001 days list
  87. Be awesome! -complete 

Things I want to accomplish eventually in life:

  1. Adopt a cat
  2. Get 2 Rottweilers and name them Xena and Ares
  3. Buy a house
  4. Buy a cottage in the Norwegian or Finnish countryside
  5. Laser eye surgery
  6. Get a tubal ligation

So I'll make a post here if I complete any of these goals.


  1. Excellent. This is such a cool idea. And now rather than study for my english test I want to make up my own haha

    I agree with a lot of these. We WILL make #83 happen, I'm curious as to what 97-99 are, I want to be there when 44 happens, I'll join you for 75, 18, 63, 20 and 21, I likewise need to do 52, I adore 73 so I suggest we meet up this summer and accomplish this, I live near a lot of water, and I'd be happy to assist with 94 and 51 :) haha

  2. Hellooooo Ash, Thanks for dropping in at my forge hopefully there will be something of interest for you here :-)
    If you achieve half of what you have listed here you would have done very well and good on you, And remember everyday is a good day above ground!
    On your life list here's what iv done 16,48,52,53,54,57,61,76,78,94,96. Look forward to your future posts .

    'Waeshaeil' Aaron-Paul