Tuesday, March 1, 2011


This is a continuation from http://toosloandbeyond.blogspot.com/ because I can't get into that account for whatever reason. It is appropriate though since that blog was specifically made for my trip to Oslo this past summer. This blog will be larger in scale. I'm at a very exciting place in my life right now and have numerous things planned for the future. I'm in the final term of my undergraduate degree and currently applying for grad schools far far away from here including Oslo, Iceland, Denmark, England, and a couple Scottish schools. Forgot to mention, I will be studying the Vikings aka the most badass people in history. Then the backup plans if I don't get into grad school are even more insane including teaching English in Russia or Eastern Europe, working on a cruise ship, or farming in Scandinavia. All I know is that my future is completely up in the air at the moment and it's exciting.

This blog will be a mixture of a travel blog, book blog, school blog, and personal blog.

Disclaimer: I do hold numerous controversial opinions that will be delved into and I want to make it clear from the very first post that i will not compromise on those opinions. I will not censor myself to avoid offending people and I can almost guarantee that I will offend people.

I will probably eventually link this to a youtube channel because sometimes it's much easier and effective to talk and rant rather than type.
A real intro follow soon.

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