Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Stopover in Amsterdam

I'm hanging out in the Amsterdam airport for a couple hours (unfortunately not long enough to consider leaving the airport) with a large glass of cheap Heineken. I actually had to double check that the cashier was charging me for both my beer and hotdog because the price she said simply seemed way too low but that's a side effect of living in Norway. Everywhere else is considered cheap because you've gotten accustomed to paying astronomical prices.
So because I'm bored and am avoiding doing the much needed editing on my conference paper so here's some randomly observations.
1. The pilot called the 1 1/2 hour flight a 'relatively long flight'. I found that hilarious, like, really? I'm not sure where a 1 1/2 hour flight from Toronto could even get you. Maybe to Quebec or New York but not much further.
2. Dutch people sound funny.
3. Getting off your flight and checking the gate for your transfer flight and seeing it boarding is a terrifying experience despite the little voice telling you your flight isn't for another 2-3 hours, I even stood in the lineup for a while before reasoning to myself that it was an entirely different airline.
4. Having a contact lense that is somewhat blurry is one of the most frustrating things ever.
5. The biggest downside of traveling alone is the fact that you have to carry your shit everywhere with you. I have a good seat near the bar staked out and I don't want to leave even though I want to fix the aforementioned contact lense. I also need to buy headphones because mine stopped working in one ear and I know I'm going to need them. Thankfully this airport doesn't have those ridiculously frequent announcements of not leaving your luggage unattended.
6. While there's no announcement regarding unattended luggage there is a moving sidewalk nearby that is frequently reminding people to 'mind your step'. As least people tripping would provide entertainment.
7. Internet here is very limited. I paid using Skype for a time and now I've finally been able to connect to the free wireless.
8. They have a chocolate/ dessert booth here where you can buy giant chunks of solid chocolate. People will look at you strangely when you nom into these.
9. Some flight hostess uniforms are truly hideous. The KLM are weird tacky blue colour and I thought those were bad but they don't compare to the garish shamrock green atrocities I just saw walk by.
10. The fact that you can get a beer to go is so awesome. 

All for now. I might add more.

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