Friday, November 11, 2011


I am finally the proud owner of a pillow. Two pillows actually. It's a very gleeful moment. I've been using a crappy neck pillow for the past three months. They're fine for short travel trips but they really are not a long term comfort solution.
Now I'm going to be super comfy in bed with my two pillows. It was basically the same price to buy two pillows as one. Don't have a pillow case for the second one but it's just an extra for guests or something. Not that I'd ever have guests in my room or anything *ahem*.

I also finally bought a school bag. I've been using one of those synthetic grocery bags that you're able to roll up really tiny and it's been annoying. My keys recently started poking a hole in the corner so I knew it needed to be replaced and soon. I actually saw this bag through the store window last night after a concert when I was waiting for a bus so I went and got it today.
I must admit that the main reason it got my attention was because the red stitching and Samsonite label looked like an inverted cross. It also turned out to be the best suiting and least expensive option in the shop so I wasn't completely irrational.
As to how much these couple purchases cost I don't want to say because it hurts to think about. I only have a couple hundred dollars left before I start using my loan money because everything I saved over the summer is spent. The first couple months in a new place are always the most expensive because you have to set yourself up with new things it wasn't economical to bring with you. I'm proud of my ability to do without a number of comfort items for so long and if I were traveling around I think I could do it without a lot of possessions but I figure since I'm going to be living here for a few years I might as well be comfortable and make a new home. Apart from rent, groceries, and social activities I don't really see any big expenses until the spring. I'm guessing being in a different country will get me out of buying xmas gifts apart from continuing magazine subscriptions for the kids. In the spring I'm going to be traveling a bit, hopefully to Prague for a conference, and back to Canada for a conference/ home visit  and hopefully those two will be at least partially funded by the school. Then I will be attending the Inferno metal festival in Oslo and I will have to buy my festival pass soon.

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