Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Book Review: John Dies at the End by David Wong

John Dies at the End came highly recommended to me as an intensely hilarious book. So when I was scrolling my Kindle to pick a light read I didn't hesitate to click on this book. I wish I had. I almost shelved this book after the first couple chapters and now that I'm finished I wish I had because I felt like I wasted my time. It's a similar feeling I got after watching movies like The Hangover or Napoleon Dynamite, or Borat where everyone says they're so fucking funny but after watching them I want the past hours of my life back. And books take longer than movies to finish so it wasted even more of my time.This book has numerous chuckle-worthy lines but they're buried under piles of badly written random shit. It's as if David Wong wanted to think up the most absurd random crap and throw it all together, openly admit how retarded and unbelievable it all was, swear a lot, and hope people thought it was funny. I have no problem with absurdity, swearing, or toilet humour- Wong just did it badly. It's like he's trying and desperately failing to to be even half as funny or clever as Christopher Moore. Moore is a writer who is able to make the retardedly absurd clever and witty. 1/5
It's a shame since cracked.com is so fricken awesome.

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