Monday, October 29, 2012

Autumn in Oslo

Autumn is my favourite time of the year. I love the colours of the trees. In Canada it becomes lovely sweater weather (it never really gets hot enough in Oslo to make this a relief).

A couple nice sunny days this month I went out to take pictures around Oslo of the nature.

I first went to Sognvann and discovered as soon as I got there that both camera batteries I had were dead but I got one picture.

The walk around the lake was really quite beautiful. Colours were lovely and the weather was just cool enough that walking around in a coat was comfortable.

On another sunny day I went to Vigelands Park:

my husband

 I spent about an hour sitting on the bank reading Terry Pratchett in the sun. It was lovely.
Yesterday I wanted to go somewhere I haven't been before so I went up to Maridalsvannet and walked down along Akerselva river. I got a little lost on the way there so I walked a hell of a lot more then I planned on and the sun was quite low in the sky by the time I arrived so the light wasn't that great.

These guys look way more like wolves than huskies.

Maridalsvannet- Oslo's drinking water

several parts of my path were flooded


This waterfall gave off mist. Mist + minus degree weather= black ice. 

hurt my hand. Now it can't really do much.

I think 28th of October is the record for earliest ice accident of the season. After falling my back and hand/arm really hurt so I found the Nydalen t-bane stop as soon as possible and headed home. On the t-bane I had to avoid bursting into tears when I pulled out my Kindle and saw this:
the e-ink screen is broken and as it's over one year old there's no chance to return it. My electronics always break within a couple months after the warranty is over. This pretty much guarantees that I won't complete my 50 books a year goal this year. I was already behind but I can usually speed read a couple shorter books in December and catch up. Now there's no hope. My (absolutely lovely amazing mom) has said she'll buy me a new one but as I'm looking at the new Paperwhite Kindle it'll be a couple months before I get it.
The screen of my small cheap camera is also partially broken but it still works.
Because of my sore body and the grumpiness caused by breaking my stuff I didn't end up doing anything for Halloween. I just watched stupid movies curled up in bed. I should be doing my thesis...

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