Thursday, June 28, 2012

I'm going to FRANCE!

I apologize for my inconsistent posting. Since returning from Canada I've been horribly lazy, spending most of my time watching Hell's Kitchen, sleeping, and maybe reading a little bit. I almost had a chance to work on a husky farm in Northern Norway but got it grasped away from me by another workaway-er who was able to commit to longer than I could. I was strongly considering going to Manchester to visit a friend doing her Master's there and then go through Scotland or Wales from there but while I could get cheap flights there (I'm talking like $20) the traveling through countries and finding accommodation is pricier than volunteering.
So in my annoyance at failed plans and general discontent at myself for being lazy I logged back on to and checked their 'last-minute' page. My goal through workaway was to find some place to work with animals as my top priority and preferably dogs or horses. And right there was a host looking for people to help at a farm in south Normandy, France with 7 horses, 4 dogs, 4 goats, chickens, and cats along with helping with various building projects. I sent a message saying I was available almost immediately until the end of July if they had room for me. I've had bad experience with workaway hosts taking FOREVER to reply if they reply at all so I was amazed and surprised when I got a reply within an hour. And they had room.
So in the period of approx 4 hours I found an opportunity, made a decision, and booked a ticket. Easily the most spontaneous big decision I've ever made. So from 7 July to 1 August I will be in France. I'll spend a couple days in Paris when I arrive and then take a train south to near the farm.
Then from 3-13 August I'll be in Aarhus, Denmark for the Saga Conference. I'm there for a little longer than the conference because those were the cheapest flight dates. I still need to figure out accommodation and write the paper I'm presenting in the conference.
I'm currently celebrating with half a bottle of red wine. I can't wait to get the real good stuff while in France. Tomorrow I'll start making actual plans as to what to do in my short time in Paris and try and get started working on my paper just so I can fully enjoy my time in France exploring rather than cooped up working on an essay.
So very very exciting- things are happening. I had blabbered on so much about random plans that I was worried people may start considering me one of those people who talk about doing things while doing nothing and while I don't care what others think I couldn't disappoint myself like that.

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  1. Congratulations! Hope you enjoy your time in France, it certainly sounds exciting