Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Copenhagen Cruise

I have been such a horrible blogger (and student) and haven't kept up in posting. I went to Copenhagen last week and I haven't even written about it yet. A friend found a cheap coupon on Groupon for a two person cruise to Copenhagen from Oslo. We left Wednesday March 14th and spent the night on a cruise ship, and got seven hours in Copenhagen before having to return to the ship that evening and the boat docks back in Oslo the following morning at 9:30. Seven hours isn't a very long time to see a new city so there was a limited amount of things to do.
From the ship:

When we first got on the ship we wandered around the deck for a bit until it was past most of the islands in the fjord and then we escaped inside from the bitter wind. Checking out the duty-free we bought two of the cheapest bottles of red wine and some snacks. After drinking these (second one being opened by a knife-wielding Finn) and eating the makeshift sandwiches and salads we brought with us we decided to check out the ship's nightlife. Oh dear that was funny. I was easily the youngest person in the bar by several years. There was a live band playing and groups of drunk Norwegians dancing. There was a couple groups of people in their late thirties and then a bunch of older people who were probably on board for a business conference. I love watching older drunk people try and dance and flirt. It's hilarious. The drinks however weren't much cheaper than what you'd get in Oslo so we each bought a round and then headed to bed since we had to be up and off the boat around 9.

I was really interested in seeing Christiania, the autonomous commune where there is no private property and the main street called Pusher street is a hub of marijuana sales.
We arrived quite early on a dreary day and were the only tourists and it was very obvious to everyone there and got quite a few odd looks so we just walked down the main road and out again. Unfortunately they don't allow any pictures to be taken within Christiania because there was lots of really cool street art and graffiti. I would recommend going and taking a look around if you're in Copenhagen but I'd suggest not going before 12 as that seems to be the time they 'open' for tourists as I saw several signs for art exhibits and the like. I'd also suggest not wearing a big camera around your neck.
a painting outside the commune walls

We then tried to go to a museum that we heard had cool Viking weapons but they didn't open for another hour so we headed to the National Museum. The National Museum is awesomely free and has quite extensive exhibits from Danish prehistory through to the Middle Ages- we didn't go any further than that but they do have much much more. The problem with putting two Viking nerds in a museum while on a limited schedule is that we simply can't be rushed with certain things. We spent an hour longer than planned at that museum and I easily could have spent much more time in several rooms.
Some cool museum stuff:

horned god

OMG A MEDIEVAL BRICK! We found it so very ridiculous but awesome that they had a brick on display, like behind glass and everything. They also had several piles on open displays in another room. Why? I have no clue.

St. George killing a dragon.

a baby being impaled on a carved walrus tusk
golden reliquary designed to look like a stave church.


medieval calendar

demon slaying

the molestation of Jesus

more dragonslaying

fancy guns
You may notice none of these are Viking things, I frankly didn't take many pictures in that section. They didn't have anything particularly stunning or anything I hadn't seen before at the museums in Oslo. They do have substantial exhibits on silver hordes which are pretty cool but not particularly interesting for me to photograph.
After spending a couple hours in the museum we were both starving so we walked along one of the main streets to find a cheap restaurant to have lunch in. We found a small Italian place that was advertising a steak and potatoes lunch special for 98kr (approx $17) which is unthinkable by Oslo standards. The place was empty and we decided to have rather low expectations but were pleasantly surprised both by speed of food delivery and taste. My steak was cooked to a perfect medium rare with a tasty pepper sauce and yummy potatoes. Oddly my friend, who ordered the identical thing, got a well-done steak but it was edible. I don't know if it was just a difference between North American and European restaurants where the waitress/waiter visits several times during the meal but the waitress seemed very hesitant and kind of hovered a couple empty tables away before approaching to take our orders or remove the plates, and we had to find her to pay the bill.
It was then time for shopping. No not clothes shopping or anything boring like that but shopping for meat and booze. While by North American standards things in Denmark are pricey they're cheap as hell compared to Norwegian prices and it's especially good when the two currencies are at par as they are now.
Wooden dragons from the National museum guarding my meat and mead haul

Dragons love meat and mead
As well as the meat and mead I got a big bottle of rum, a giant Toblerone bar, a big box of Ferrero Rocher, and a package of After Eight from the duty-free on the ship. I will also make a small profit from selling the carton of cigarettes at double the price (but still cheaper than Norwegian prices) from what I paid.
So YAY Denmark! I'll be heading there again in April because there was another coupon that had tickets even cheaper (29kr a person so about $5). That time I plan on heading off alone and doing some touristy things. Can't wait. And that time I will be sure to wear comfortable shoes and bring my glasses and contact case so I eliminate the only negative aspect from the trip.

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