Saturday, January 14, 2012

Reading goals for 2012 and some other stuff

Last year I only barely achieved the 50 book goal so this year I must do better. That's my general goal this year- do everything I do better; more effort, more passion, more time, more more more.
Regarding reading I have come up with some goals that I want to achieve.
  1.  At least 50 books.
  2.  More non-fiction, at least 10 non-fiction books.
  3.  Read more from Nordic authors.
  4.  Read a couple 'classics'.
  5. Review most of what I read and post on this blog
  6.  Re- read Lord of the Rings (re-reads don't count towards 50 book total)
    • I'm currently working on this and I'm 28% into The Two Towers. It's quite and interesting to see how much my numerous viewings of the movies have shaped what I thought I knew about the series, they really are quite different

Other stuff:
School is starting next week and the most frightening thing is that I will be in the second level Norwegian class. I really haven't learned any more Norwegian in the six months I've been here and I forget most of what I had learned in level one. This means I must review a lot in the next couple weeks in a hope of not looking totally incompetent in the class. I think most people in the class will have only just finished the first level this past term, not a year and a half ago. It's terrifying. I hate hate HATE to be wrong and while learning a new language it is an inevitability.
My schedule:
Monday: Norwegian level 2 lesson and speech lab 9:15-12
Tuesday Poetic Edda 10:15-12, Norwegian grammar 2:15-4, Old Norse Religion 4:15-6.
Wednesday: Norwegian lesson and speech lab 9:15-12
Thursday: Poetic Edda 10:15-12
Friday- no class
This is a significantly busier schedule than last term and that's mainly because of the Norwegian lessons. Tuesdays are not going to be fun at all. If I lived closer then I'd probably just go home for those 2 hours but it wouldn't make sense to do it where I am. I'll have to pack lunches for myself and go to the library or reading room (must remember to apply for a desk) and do work or something. I'll be exhausted by the time I get home at 6:30ish. yaaaaay.
I'm also very enthusiastic that this blog has received over 2000 hits! 

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